For Wastewater Treatment and Ammonia Nitrification

An image of a water treatment plant with clouds in the background.

Process Inputs, Process Steps and Flows Process Outputs

  • Enables Annamox Processes
  • Faster ammonia nitrification
  • Better nutrient removal
  • Improved resiliency
  • Reliable fluidized bed heat exchanger
  • Standard COTS components and processes
  • Expands BNR at a low cost
  • Applicable to all biological wastewater treatment

CARMON fluidized bed heat exchanger boosts your plant's ability to manage nutrients. CARMON enhances conventional treatment technology in existing facilities and increases plant capacity in a single step by heating the sewage. Ammonia nitrification biology works faster when warm. Design your new plant or upgrade to take advantage of the exponential improvement in performance from increasing temperature, rather than designing for the coldest winter wastewater conditions. CARMON can extend the performance and useful life of existing plants and result in large capital and space savings.