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EcoVia Corporation specializes in wastewater treatment and impaired water utilization. We are currently working countrywide and expanding our unique solution to sustainable applications across the world. We work at the Water-Energy Nexus to increase the efficiency and speed of water treatment while improving the performance of power and HVACR infrastructure. Our equipment and approach address new and existing infrastructure configurations. Advanced options optimize Anammox applications with the potential for net energy positive results. We are also involved in:

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Application Engineering & Analysis

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Upgrade Option Assessment

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Unique Industrial Equipment

EcoVia Corporation

The New Tool - CARMON FBX

The CARMON FBX self-cleaning heat exchanger enables you to get the most our of your existing equipment and plant footprint. CARMON is a simple, utility-grade device that reliably transfers heat to wastewater for faster biological reactions to improve both physical and biological treatment. It can provide dramatic results by enabling and enhancing Anammox based applications.

EcoVia's CARMON FBX Innovation: An Economic and Reliable Tool for Industry

  • This eliminates biofouling in wastewater treatment and HVACR applications.
  • It leverages waste heat to improve performance, processes, and profitability.
  • It improves performance at a significantly lower capital and operating cost compared to conventional upgrades.
  • The patent-protected CARMON FBX technology uses proven self-cleaning fluidized bed scrubbing to eliminate bio-fouling continuously.

CARMON for Wastewater Leverages Heat to Enhance Biological Treatment

  • Warm temperatures turbo-charge bacterial performance for faster treatment with existing equipment.
  • CARMON is applicable for both retrofit and new-build projects.
  • Rapid, low-disruption, cost-advantaged solution for performance and capability enhancement and systems facing cold-weather performance challenges.
  • Applicable for both mechanical and lagoon-based wastewater treatment.

CARMON for HVACR Converts any Water Bodies Into HVACR Heat Source/Sink

  • Lowers the average condenser temperature for a significantly higher coefficient of performance (COP).
  • Enables use of surface water thermal mass to time-shift loads from the afternoon to the evening.
  • Improves the performance and economics of natural refrigerants.
  • Enables sub-critical CO2 cycles in many applications.