Self Cleaning Fluidized Bed Heat Exchanger

CARMON FBX Self Cleaning Fluidized Bed Heat


EcoVia's CARMON self-cleaning fluidized bed heat exchanger (CARMON FBX) technology prevents biofouling. Continuous self-cleaning enables constant, reliable performance when exchanging heat to or from biologically active water sources such as sewage, wastewater, and pond or lake water.

Bio-Fouling is the Problem

The accumulation of microorganisms, plants, algae, or animals on wet surfaces — can occur essentially anywhere water is present. Bio-fouling creates risks, challenges, and costs to technologies and industries. Its impact on heat transfer has made many heat exchange opportunities uneconomic. CARMON's efficiency and low costs break old economic barriers by achieving high performance at a lower cost. 

Heat exchange reliability at an affordable cost opens additional opportunities for the management of industrial operations such as wastewater treatment and air conditioning and refrigeration.

EcoVia Corporation

CARMON FBX Self Cleaning Fluidized Bed Heat Exchanger is the Solution

The CARMON FBX self-cleaning fluidized bed heat exchanger provides a low-cost, low-risk, low-maintenance method that stops heat exchanger bio-fouling. It leverages decades of global Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) experience with continuously self-cleaning fluidized beds to eliminate heat exchanger bio-fouling. 

In short, CARMON FBX leverages the MBBR media's operating characteristics to constantly scrub the heat exchanger's surfaces and keep them clear of bio-fouling. Opening the ability to reliably, at low cost, transfer heat in high-bio-fouling risk environments opens the door to tremendous economic opportunities.

Application Opportunities

CARMON FBX applications include :

  • Heating Sewage for Wastewater Treatment: Cold winter conditions drive wastewater treatment facility sizing. Raising the minimum operating temperature by 3 degrees centigrade increases biological performance by over 20 percent. CARMON accomplishes this at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVACR): CARMON FBX solves the bio-fouling problem and lowers the cost of using bodies of water for HVACR applications. In addition to significant energy savings (30-50%), it eliminates chemical additives and supports the use of natural refrigerants (such as sub-critical CO2).

The CARMON FBX self-cleaning fluidized bed heat exchanger provides significant financial, performance, and environmental benefits in both wastewater treatment and HVACR applications.

Easy To Implement

Whether new-build or retrofit, CARMON is a simple, drop-in solution to achieve improved performance at a fraction of the time, disruption, and cost of traditional approaches.